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National Dutch research projects on important factors in the psychosocial

development, social networks, relationships and (future) parenting of young people and young adults with a visual impairment

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WELCOME to our site !


As a product of a recent research - and dissemination project called: “Looking further than only the visual impairment- how can we do that?”, we developed this site. We are thankful for receiving a grant from InZicht/ZonMw to make this possible.

On this site we present al lot of information regarding our research projects at the Department of Clinical Child and Family Studies at the VU University Amsterdam. Several buttons on the left site of this homepage will give you the opportunity to read more about the background and results of our projects. Some parts are still in Dutch.

The most important buttons for researchers, professionals and persons with visual impairments or their family members from around the world are PUBLICATIONS and PRESENTATIONS. There you will find an overview of all the publications and presentations and a few of them you can download and print. In this way we can share our knowledge with persons all over the world!

Do you need more information or do you want to make some comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. When you choose the button  CONTACT you will find all the necessary address information. We would love to hear from you!


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